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This is the latest Ryno design, the manual rear entry mini van conversion. Please call for more information: 1-800-308-2503

Ryno Mobility Rear Entry

This user friendly conversion offers customers an affordable and reliable mobility solution. The 29 ¼” wide ramp will allow most any wheelchair to enter with ease at just an 11 degree ramp angle. Once inside the wheelchair user has an unprecedented 57 ½” of interior height, while still leaving over six inches of ground clearance. With the Manual ramp, this conversion becomes the most cost effective and reliable solution for wheelchair users that travel with an attendant. Call or stop in today for more information on the Ryno Mobility Rear Entry!

Ryno Flexibility:

The Ryno Mobility Rear Entry conversion offered two rear seating options. A customer can choose between stationary bucket seats (with 22” in between) or they can have the OEM bucket seats attached to a flip and fold seat base. (offering up to 32” of space between)

As usual with a rear entry conversion, your parking options are significantly expanded. Because you enter and exit from the rear of the vehicle, you can park in any standard parking space, with the exception of parallel parking, without having to worry about ever being stuck outside of your vehicle again.  

A variety of seating options can be installed to best meet your needs, based on the number of passengers you need to accommodate. Depending on the vehicle, seats can be folded or replaced to better fit additional wheelchair or ambulatory passengers.

With multiple wheelchair tiedown anchor positions and a flooring layout compatible with any power tiedown system, the Ryno Mobility Rear Entry conversion offers users the ability to ride in the position that suits them best!

2008 – 2018

Dodge Grand Caravan / Chrysler Town & Country

Manual Rear Entry Conversion

Factory Fuel Tank is Retained & Multiple Seating Options Available
Lowered floor length = 92 1/2″
Lowered floor width = 31 1/4″
Usable ramp width = 29 1/4″
Ramp length (standard) = 46″
OEM bucket seats (stationary) = 22″ in between
OEM bucket seats (flip and fold) = 12″ in between when down
OEM bucket seats (flip and fold) = 32″ in between when up
Ground clearance at rear frame = 8″
Ground clearance at skid plate = 6 1/2″
Front wheelchair interior height = 57 1/2″
Entrance height = 56″
Overall height (hatch open) = 87″
Overall height (hatch closed) = 72″
Ramp slope (manual) = 11 degrees

For more information please reach out to one of our knowledgeable mobility consultants!