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Wheelchair Accessible Vans for Veterans with Disabilities

For veterans who suffered a disability as a result of service to their country, there are many challenges to go through in order to overcome their limitations. It takes a lot of hard work, physical therapy and conditioning to adapt to their disability. At FR Conversions, we salute the efforts our veterans go through and the obstacles they overcome in order to move forward after sustaining a disability.

One of the biggest challenges facing veterans is mobility and having the ability to travel wherever and whenever they want. Having a mobile and accessible lifestyle makes all the difference in the world to someone with a disability, and veterans are no different. One of the best ways to achieve that mobility is with a conversion van.

Vans Customized to Meet Your Needs

FR Conversions features a wide range of vehicles from a minivan conversion to a full-size accessible van, customized to reflect your unique needs with an ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp or lift. Each has its own benefits, but ramps are often installed in minivans, like the Toyota Sienna or the Dodge Grand Caravan, while power wheelchair lifts are better suited to full-size vans, like the Ram ProMaster and Ford Transit. 

Either option will get you in and out of your conversion van with ease and along with the widest ramps available in the industry. Wheelchair lifts are available in hydraulic, electric, automatic and semi-automatic operation. 

Minivan conversions include back hatch entry and exits, as it is the easiest way to get in and out of the vehicle with a wheelchair. It is a standard feature on all minivan conversions. FR Conversions will also be introducing new side-entry minivan using the Chrysler Pacifica and the Dodge Grand Caravan.

FR Conversions has earned a reputation for conversion van safety on the road because they go beyond industry standards. They provide more comprehensive crash testing than any other conversion van manufacturer, and all driver’s side, front, rear, undercarriage and interior are tested to exceed vehicle safety standards. 

Wheelchair Van Grants for Veterans

The Department of Veteran Affairs offers a variety of disability and mobility resources to help veterans afford the wheelchair conversion van they need.  They offer grants so that a disabled veteran can either buy a specially adapted vehicle or adapt an existing vehicle to meet their specific needs. 

For veterans with service-related disabilities, the VA offers grants up to $19,817 to purchase a specially adapted new or used vehicle to accommodate the veteran’s disability. It’s called an adapted vehicle grant, and funds are paid directly to the van conversion company.

Veterans can find the wheelchair conversion vans for sale that meets their needs and FR Conversions will help with customization and the required paperwork and claim forms to expedite the VA grant process making it as easy as possible for veterans. There also offer a variety of extended service contracts, GAP insurance, mobility roadside assistance and other vehicle protection plans – all at very affordable rates. 

Photo Credit: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers | Flickr